Don’t Let Payment Options Limit Patient Care

Selecting Financial Flexibility without Sacrificing Patient Health
SNF care is covered by Medicare, but LTC is not. Patients commonly begin at one type of facility to receive Medicare coverage benefits, and then transfer later to a LTC center to continue care once Medicare coverage is depleted. However, transferring facilities for financial benefit can add strain to patient health, increase opportunities for injury, and compromise rehabilitative progress. Changing care staff can be disorienting and create interruptions in established care protocols for a patient’s particular needs.

Different facilities may hold different quality standards such as number of staff available for overall patient count, changing the care level available at each location and leaving room for inconsistencies. Additionally, unforeseen costs may be accrued in transferring, thereby undoing the intended benefit from the beginning.

Don’t get duped into beginning care at one facility just to “push your processing through,” before transferring to another care type, just to save a buck. Facilities like Triacle homes, are often equipped for both care types, offering financial flexibility while mitigating added stressors or fluctuations in care quality. This leaves room to maximize care for each patient and enrich their lives with sustainability in mind.