Therapy is Skilled Care

Therapy is offered as one part of “Skilled Care.”  The majority of the Skilled Care offered by Sequoyah Pointe Living Centre is for Therapy.  Therapy may be necessary when you or your loved one:

Has suffered injury that may or may not require surgery (such as a fall or car wreck);
Has suffered from a debilitating medical event (heart attack, stroke, etc.), or
Has suffered from a disability resulting from a degenerative disease.

In those cases our highly trained Therapy Team works with your physician to develop a treatment plan to improve strength, range of motion and flexibility to help you return to an active lifestyle.  In the case of strokes or heart attacks Speech Therapists teach us how to swallow and talk again. A wide variety of services falls under the category of Therapy and at Sequoyah Pointe Living Center we can provide them all.